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お誕生日おめでとう! ____のピカチュウ
Every print of Birthday Pikachu, from 1998 to 2012. 

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Followers. I need a favor!


I’m about to start a real job. I need to start a twitter following for it. Please be awesome and follow @MrRyanOC on twitter. I’d be insanely grateful.

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“We knew Lady died and they wanted to re home her. My mum persuaded them to let us adopt her.” [x]

This literally made me cry

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I’m Totally Jelly Over This Adventure Time Bedroom

This bedroom by Mighty Oaks, Little Acorns is beyond amazing. The characters are cut-outs from oversized prints that she had made at Staples - and she did all of this with two weeks left in her pregnancy!

Parents, if your kids’ rooms don’t look this awesome, you clearly don’t love them enough.

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That was the joke.

My childhood celeb crush appreciation post. 

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